Manhattan Mini Storage 
Site conversion and testing strategy

Manhattan Mini Storage is the #1 storage provider in New York, with over 20 locations all around the city. With the increase of competition over the past five years, they've seen a decline in room reservations through their website. 

Increase new leads through the online sales funnel, with the goal of optimizing conversion rate. 

Understand where we can make improvements, determine relevant KPIs, iterate on ideas, test and show results 

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6 months

Strategist and Tech Lead

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Audit & Research
Studying the client and the competition

To determine where we could improve, we researched who was doing it right. Our first step was to do an audit of our competitors.

We quickly noticed how aggressive they were in targeting their online audience - specifically in price, convenience, and content.

We used these insights to help inform a number of hypotheses for A/B testing.


Definition & Design
Creating the elements for our tests 

My team and I created a backlog of tests to conduct using Optimizely.

Through cross-functional brainstorms, we captured everything from the minuscule (tweaking colors, updating site copy) to more fundamental overhauls (reimagining the user journey and rethinking the site structure).

Our main goal was to see which of these tests - performed against the control of the current design - would be the key factor(s) in yielding higher conversion rates.


Testing  & Validation
Implementing our hypotheses

Our final step was to create a schedule that allowed us to implement our tests in a manner that would produce clear results.

This meant prioritizing our backlog with the client, having a production team available to create visual & copy assets on an ad-hoc basis, and analyzing the results regularly with our stakeholders.


Results & Impact
Analyzing our efforts

After 3-4 months we were able to see statistically significant results across our tests.

This gave my team the confidence to design and build a new-and-improved website that was optimized for conversion. We went live with our redesign and saw:

Lowered bounce rate (75% down to 50%)
Increased onsite duration (0:20 to 1:25 on average)
Increased conversions (1% to 2.6%)

View our redesign here:

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